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James Stalker, 1638

Winter Cartouche of Skelmorlie Aisle in Largs, Scotland, painted by James Stalker (1638)

Skelmorlie Aisle, built in 1636 as a private worship place and burial vault, was an addition to Largs Parish Church. It was such a splendid creation that when the church was demolished in the early 1800s, it was saved from destruction.
Today the aisle stands on its own, and comprises two elements. The laird’s loft is at ground level and contains an elaborate stone monumental tomb and an intricate painted ceiling. Below it is the vault, which still houses lead coffins.

Winter Cartouche
A stick-and-ball game played in the Dutch manner on the frozen river at Largs on the Firth of Clyde. This ‘Winter’ cartouche is from the painted ceiling of the Skelmarlie Aisle in Largs.
By courtesy of Historic Scotland

Colf players may well be seen on the large display of this image (no hires). More information: 'The oldest picture of Scottish Golf?' by Geert and Sara Nijs, december 2015 (file:///D:/Data/Do/Websites/KNKB/webcontent/documents/2015-%20Largs.pdf)

Source: Pius Muskens, Do Smit, Geert & Sara Nijs

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