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Aert van der Neer, c. 1645

Thi painting by Aert Van de Neer (1603 - 1677) follows a simple concept: a winter scene based on several curvy lines. A frozen river extends from left to right and then into the skyline. A road covered with ice and snow winds down along the river, with deep carriage tracks. Trees on the right also follow the winding river. The painting is characteristic of Van de Neer’s style of receding landscape plus a skeleton architecture for balance. Of the few people on the river, four men and women are skating. In the middle of the snow-covered road, two men in overcoats are playing colf. Judging from their clothing, they should be from the upper class.

The Sharp Collection: Early Dutch Paintings with Golf Scenes. Wayne Xing. 2019

Hill of Tarvit Mansion, south of Cupar, Fife, Scotland

Source: Robin Bargmann

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