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Jan van de Cappelle, c. 1650

Winter Scene with Thatched Cottages and a Frozen River Spanned by a Wooden Bridge, c. 1650. Jan van de Cappelle (1626–1679)

A wintry rural landscape, comprising a frozen lake to the right, with a thatched cottage and bare trees in the foreground to the left and two figures with a beached rowing boat in the centre beside the cottage. In the foreground, a branch emerges from a hole in the ice. A sledge loaded with a barrel sits on the ice in the bottom left corner. In the middleground, figures are playing colf next to another stranded boat, with other people on the ice in the background walking towards a wooden bridge in the distance, beneath a clouded sky.

Oil on panel. 33.4 x 42.3 cm. Signed bottom left: IVC

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. (1979.455). Bequeathed by Mr and Mrs Edgar Assheton Bennett, 1979

Source: Do Smit

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