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Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1620

Winter Landscape, circa 1620. Hendrick Avercamp (Amsterdam, 1585 - 1634, Kampen)

This 'Winter Landscape' by Avercamp, oil on wood, is also named 'Dutch Ice-Scene with Golfer in the Foreground' and 'View of a Walled Fort with Figures Playing on Ice'. It depicts activities on a frozen river leading past a house on the left and passing a high-walled fort on the right. The round tower inside the fort reaches up to the sky and on both sides of the river are spotted frozen boats. Numerous people, young and old, are seen skating, walking or playing games for entertainment. The costumes of the people in the painting indicate that they represented different classes of people in the Netherlands during the early 17th century.
A young boy on the bottom left corner of the painting is blowing his nose while watching two people playing colf. To their right stand two gentlemen and a lady with sunglasses, talking. Another man to their right is playing colf as well. Further up in the picture, there are four men watching another kolfer playing.

Oil on panel. 33.6 x 48.3 cm

• The Sharp Collection: Early Dutch Paintings with Golf Scenes. Wayne Xing. Undated (c. 2019)
• Clara Welcker, onder S IX.I: Winterlandschap. Op een uitgestrekte ijsvlakte vele mensen, waaronder links twee kolvers en midden een jongetje op een slee. Op de linkeroever een hooiberg en boerderij met vlag, op de rechteroever op de achtergrond een vestingstad. Paneel, 33.6 x 48.3, gemerkt met vals monogram. Naar H. Avercamp. Uit Cuprar Angus, Schotland, verz. Hill of Tarvit, 1938. Edinburgh, National Trust for Scotland, 1966.

Hill of Tarvit Mansion, south of Cupar, Fife, Scotland

Source: Robin Bargmann

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